Monday, September 12, 2011

You may be right, but I'm not letting you know.

One of the greatest things I ever improved about myself is the ability to recognized when I'm wrong or feeling jealous. I'll never admit it to anyone else though!

One thing I am willing to openly admit on my internet page so infrequently visited is that I feel unsure, confused, in the middle of a slight identity crisis, and lonely. I'm also extremely appreciative of every single thing going on in my life at the moment and also unbelievably happy. I just really hate not having my life figured out or at least outlined in some way. I work best with structure and this whole "learn as you go" process is frustrating until I eventually get the hold of things. Unfortunately, it takes time to get the hang of things.

Btw, I absolutely love and saw this little gem today:

Fucking awesome! Ha!


  1. i feel the same way, i am happy right now, but still feel unfulfilled.

  2. Lost and confused. Always masking intentions to follow the path that was randomly selected because of societal pressures. Coupled with a strong desire for structure, the path was followed. Everything was fine. Those surrounding the path illuminated every step that was taken.
    Sadly, every step taken toward that goal darkened the path. This darkness, now only described by the pitch black abyss that it has become, has become the only thing that is known. Those that illuminated the path are missed; and so the path is further walked upon, allowing regrets to become greatest allies, and memories, enemies. A life, by itself, is extinguished by the loneliness that is the path.

  3. WTF Anonymous! Why do you have to post anonymously?! =P Perfect post though. Thanks.

    Hey Max, nice to know I'm not alone. =) I hope you soon find fulfillment!