Saturday, September 3, 2011

BEDS Meme Day 3: Favorite TV Show

My plan for this whole BEDS thing is to try and come up with my own subject for my daily posts as often as possible and use the meme list (found here). However, I don't really having something in mind to blog about tonight so meme list it is! :)

Today's topic is favorite TV show and like many people I have more than one. In no particular order here are the shows that I would actually pay to purchase the complete seasons (I currently own Cowboy Bebop and Futurama):

1. Cowboy Bebop (Anime, absolutely amazing! Even though it's animated this show is definitely not intended for a young audience)
2. Futurama (Makers of The Simpsons, 'nough said)
3. Dexter (For those with an interest in psychology and serial killers)
4. Criminal Minds (Again, for those with an interest in psychology (especially behavioral psychology) and serial killers)
5. Doctor Who (Fun British show that's been around for years. It's actually a family show about time travel with a ton of ridiculousness!)
6. Wilfred (Hilarious dark comedy)
7. Avatar: The Last Airbender (Total kids show! It's an anime written by Americans! I was hooked after 1 episode!)
8. Deadwood (One of the best shows I have ever seen, unfortunately it was canceled but it's still completely worth watching)
9. Arrested Development (Probably the funniest show I have ever seen. Usually with comedies they're not worth re-watching but this show has so many hidden gems that you laugh at something different every time!)
10. Tosh.0 (I love Daniel Tosh and stupid internet videos) =)

Those are just the shows that I still watch on a regular basis (minus the any show on that list that has been cancelled or finished). There are other shows that in the beginning I absolutely loved but after awhile things just started to get too ridiculous (House and True Blood). Criminal Minds is beginning to go towards that direction as well and even Tosh.0 hasn't been as enjoyable as I previously found it. Currently I'm being entertained by Wilfred (until next week when the season finale premieres) and it is absolutely hilarious. Doctor Who just premiered the first 2 episodes of its current season and so far I've loved both episodes. Soon Dexter and Criminal Minds will begin and I'll be back to watching more serious shows.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Annual Analyzations

"Today is the day that every year I feel obligated to take a moment to myself and contemplate where I'm at in life and wondering where I'll be in the future. On previous dates my thoughts

But this year I feel drastically different, especially compared to my 23rd and 24th.

This year I feel unbelievably content and almost worry free. This year all I want to do is take a nice, deep breath and keep soldering on."

That was suppose to be part of my post on my 25th birthday. I planned on writing more. I should have just posted it.

Also, I've been dragged into this thing called "BEDS" which an acronym for "Blogging Every Day in September." There's even a daily meme to follow! I thought about doing this over at my ridiculous sarcasm blog "Eh, Why Not?" but I feel this one would be more appropriate. I've been meaning to keep up with this blog and I'd like to keep the other for only the purely ridiculous. =)