Sunday, September 4, 2011

BEDS Meme #4: Favorite Book

Alright, so for this whole BEDS thing it looks like I'll probably just end up following the meme list. Today's meme is favorite book and just like favorite song, favorite TV show, favorite band, favorite movie, it's difficult to pick just one as a favorite. The book I'd love to briefly discuss is Our Inner Ape by Frans De Waal.

Most people acquainted with me are well aware of my superficial love for all things monkey & ape so when I saw this book on sale at a Borders (free with any purchase, so I purchased a coffee from Seattle's Best) I just had to get it. I finished reading in about 3 days and absolutely loved it. It's a book about bonobos, a species of ape similar to chimpanzees and just has genetically related to humans. It's an incredibly interesting read and not too technical. This book definitely impacted my views/opinions on human behavior. It was an eye-opener and I book I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in reading about explanations on why people are the way they are.


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