Friday, September 2, 2011

Annual Analyzations

"Today is the day that every year I feel obligated to take a moment to myself and contemplate where I'm at in life and wondering where I'll be in the future. On previous dates my thoughts

But this year I feel drastically different, especially compared to my 23rd and 24th.

This year I feel unbelievably content and almost worry free. This year all I want to do is take a nice, deep breath and keep soldering on."

That was suppose to be part of my post on my 25th birthday. I planned on writing more. I should have just posted it.

Also, I've been dragged into this thing called "BEDS" which an acronym for "Blogging Every Day in September." There's even a daily meme to follow! I thought about doing this over at my ridiculous sarcasm blog "Eh, Why Not?" but I feel this one would be more appropriate. I've been meaning to keep up with this blog and I'd like to keep the other for only the purely ridiculous. =)

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