Wednesday, November 24, 2010

As I approach the end of 2010....

I haven't been keeping up with this blog as much as I had hoped or would like but to be honest I just haven't had a moment where I felt inspired to write a fucking amazing post. I've been inspired to write one, just not a good one. I think this one will turn out okay though. This post is mostly to get a few things off my chest.

2010 hasn't been one of my favorites. In February I was laid-off from a job that I loved more than I realized (actually I think I just loved my co-workers), this semester was fucking horrible for me academic wise, had a friend of over 10 years gossip about me with the intent of damaging my reputation (fucking bitch tried to make me look like her), I had surgery during Spring Break, ended what could have been a decent friendship with an acquaintance I met 5 years ago, didn't get to go to Brazil in June like I had expected (and told everyone I was), felt depressed over the summer, have more follow up procedures related to my surgery (non-life threatening), I probably won't be able to apply for grad school until next year (a year later than I had planned), and I still don't have the support I want from my parents (my dad especially) to pursue my dream of being a psychologist (some day I want to be Dr. FunkyMunkyNaT)! There were also a few other personal negative experiences but since they involve people other than myself I feel this blog is not an appropriate place to disclose them.

But at the same time I can't say that 2010 has been the worst year of my life. My aunt wants me to be the Godmother to my new baby cousin, I finally graduated with 2 undergraduate degrees, my dad bought me a MacBook Pro as a graduation gift (I fucking love this thing!!!), developed new friendships with Brazilians that have recently moved to Houston (and are from the same cities my family is from), became closer to my friend Sarah (her father is a childhood friend of my dad's!), finally had a problem fixed that I've suffered from since I was 12, ending the friendship with the Gossip Bitch opened other doors, went on a small road trip to Alabama for a wedding where I met amazing people I had only heard of, stopped in New Orleans for a night on the way there, got a picture wearing my "Alabama Leprechaun" shirt under the "Welcome to Alabama" sign, enjoyed some world cup games, read books I didn't have time to read during college, met a friend for the first time after only speaking online these last 5 years, lost my fear of driving around Houston without another person with me in the car, learned my way around Houston a lot more, got involved in an exciting project with a friend, visited Washington, D.C., met some cool new people in D.C., saw Daniel Tosh live with my youngest brother (it was his first time at a live show), met Richard Dawkins (and got his autograph on a copy of his most recent book that I got for free), 12 days later drove to Austin by myself and met Sam Harris (I got him to autograph 2 books and spoke with him), gained some spiritual enlightenment (at least I think I was enlightened! =P), and I started volunteering at the Houston SPCA (quite an amazing feeling)! And one of those personal experiences is getting fixed. =)

Whew. I tried to mention everything in chronological order and looking at this year so far by dividing it into bad/good is helpful for me. I believe it's unhealthy to not recognize the bad in life and that there is opportunity in every downfall. I don't believe that everything happens for a reason but I do believe that we can find meaning in everything that happens. I just needed to take a step back and analyze my experiences so far.

And in the spirit of the holiday, I am most thankful for the life that I live even though it almost never goes the way that I originally plan. =)

Happy Thanksgiving!


No, I did NOT purchase the hat in the picture. ;)

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